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Style and Sustainability

Prisha Properties is an IGBC certified company, which is on a mission to build eco-friendly green homes. In line with the growing global concern, Prisha Properties aims to develop green homes that use almost 50% eco-friendly construction materials. We are the proud adopters of green building, a step towards a greener, better future.

They are self-sustainable minimizing their dependence on non-renewable energies. The company's motto is to provide the residents with quality living spaces along with a green standard of living. Prisha Properties is driven by vibrant and innovative ideas to promote and offer elegant lifestyle options. Run by experienced and industry geniuses, Prisha Properties is ahead in the race with several quality residential and commercial projects, catering to very discerning customers.

Prisha is a young, vibrant organization, with fresh and innovative ideas to promote and offer healthier and smarter lifestyle living options. We are determined to develop residencies that meet the needs of today's homeowners while safeguarding the well-being of future generations by focusing on environmentally sustainable building design and performance in construction, residences that deliver value to the purchaser and offer unsurpassed quality of life.