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Why Buy Green

To have a minimal effect on our planet! We have to firstly limit the amount of natural resources we are using and try and find ways to help our planet either keep up or replenish itself. That's why we at Prisha are committed to building communities that are environmentally responsible, energy efficient and healthy places to live.

State-of-the-Art Living

Green buildings are smart, high performance buildings that integrate some of the latest energy and mechanical systems technologies

Healthy Living

Green buildings are healthier buildings because they have Improved Air Quality due to:

  • Low emitting materials such as - carpets, paints and adhesives much lower in volatile organic compounds
  • Improved ventilation - the entire ventilation system is re-tooled to deliver fresh air either directly to your suite or on a continuous basis

Cost Savings

Green buildings perform better. This can translate directly into cost savings as green buildings are less expensive to operate because they are designed to use less electricity, gas and water.